EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (IF), Univ. of Leicester, UK

EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (IF) Scheme,
Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester, UK

The Department of Health Sciences at University of Leicester UK would like to hear from prospective applicants for the European Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (IF) Scheme. These fellowships are appropriate for both postdoctoral researchers and for more senior non-UK based research visitors.


Closing date for applications: 8th July 2016

How to apply: Email stating your area of interest and attaching your curriculum vitae.

Start date for Fellowship: During the 12 months from May 2017 onwards

Further details can be found at; and details of the Department of Health Sciences are at;


Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (IFs) provide significant financial support to Research Fellows for a period of between 12 and 24 months.

The fellowships are aimed at ‘experienced researchers’ (i.e. those who hold a doctoral degree) to promote skill acquisition through advanced training, international and inter-sectoral mobility.

The Department of Health Sciences would like to hear from researchers interested in any of the following research areas:

  • Respiratory genomics
  • Blood pressure genomics
  • Complex disease genomics
  • Epidemiology of chronic disease
  • Causality in epidemiological research
  • Relatedness in genetic epidemiology studies
  • Observational pharmacogenetics
  • Statistical methods in Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
  • Statistical methods in the epidemiology of non-communicable disease
  • Development and validation of prognostic models of non-communicable disease
  • Evidence synthesis and economic decision modelling
  • Analysis of survival data
  • Issues in the detection and diagnosis of adult autism
  • Perinatal mortality
  • Monitoring outcomes through clinical audit
  • Late preterm and early term birth: perinatal management, neonatal and infant outcomes
  • Neonatal pain assessment and management
  • Long-term outcomes following preterm birth


  • Fellows must have been _awarded_ a PhD by 14 September 2016
  • Fellows must not have spent more than 12 months out of the last 3 years in the UK
  • Fellows can be of any nationality, current location and level of experience (provided they hold a PhD)

Marie Curie Individual Fellowships are extremely competitive and prospective fellows are therefore expected to have a strong CV relative to their career stage.

Supported applicants will be expected to contribute significantly to the development of their application.


MSCA funds projects using fixed ‘unit costs’ for the researcher and the institution. These ‘unit costs’ are flat-rate EU contributions to support the researcher,

research costs and institutional costs during the project.

The funding is flat-rate and covers:

  • Living allowance: €4,650 per month (€5,594 including coefficient)
  • Mobility allowance: €600/mth + €500/mth family allowance if relevant
  • Management/indirects: €650 per month
  • Research, training and networking costs: €800 per month

Further details of the scheme are available at; and a Guide for Applicants can be found at;