Postdoc position in Biostatistics in Oslo

Postdoc position in Biostatistics in Oslo

One postdoc position is available at the Oslo Center for Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Department of Biostatistics, University of Oslo, see

Mixed models or multilevel models are frequently being used in medical research to deal with observations that are somehow correlated. Typical examples being longitudinal studies with repeated responses and cross-sectional studies with clustered observations (e.g. patients nested within centers).
In the post-genomic era, we are more and more often faced with the problem that we have to deal with high-dimensional sets of explanatory variables, also within the framework of mixed models. However, many aspects of high-dimensional mixed models are still poorly understood. The aim of the current project is to investigate various aspects of such models and to contribute to an improved understanding of its capabilities.
The project will be driven by problems in cancer research.

Applicants must hold a degree equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree in statistics/biostatistics or a related quantitative subject with proven competence in statistics. We are looking for candidates with a strong mathematical / statistical background. Some knowledge of penalized regression methods, e.g. the lasso, is an advantage.

Duration: 26 months

Date of start: as soon as possible

Deadline for applications is 13.10.2017.